Little Red Dt

A video digitization, duplication & sharing company!

What We Do

Dust off your memories for just $10 per tape!
It's time to take those videos out of the box in the closet and share them with family and friends.


We get all your old videos


stuff them into our laptop


save them to a hard drive


and help you share them!


We donate $1 from each video to a charity of your choice.
So far we've helped raise over $250 for these great charities and with your help the list and dollar amount will keep on growing!


About Us

Four kids, a couple video cameras, a laptop and a dream!

This company all started with our Dad wanting to digitize our home movies so we could enjoy them instead of them just sitting in a box somewhere. He said he would pay us to do the job for him. Easy enough. After we finished we realized that we could actually make money doing this while helping people save their memories. Our Dad helped get us started by asking his friends for tapes and setting us up a bank account. We did a few jobs here and there trying to juggle school, homework, and sports. Then we got an extended summer due to a teachers strike, so we decided to take advantage of it and work on our business. Every morning we would wake up and talk about what we were going to try to accomplish for the day and the month. We started working on different marketing campaigns and reaching out to people to try and get more business. We think our business is unique and something people need and want. We’re just four kids that want to help people feel the way we do when we watch our old home videos.

About Michael
About Christopher
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About Marley


We love our customers and they like us too!
When we first started this business we had no idea how profoundly it would affect some of our customers.


You may have a couple more questions.
We understand it might be a bit scary to hand over your precious memories to a bunch of kids.

You don't have to have a YouTube channel. We can copy all of your videos to an external hard drive for you. We recommend you create a YouTube channel though because it is the perfect place to save your videos. You'll never have to worry about having a copy of them because of a computer failure or losing the hard drive. On top of that you can share your videos with anyone, anytime, anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. Imagine your kids will all be able show their kids all your home movies.
You have complete control over who sees your videos on YouTube. YouTube has three privacy settings :

  • Private : Only you and people who you designate can view the video after they log into their own YouTube account.
  • Unlisted : Not searchable viewable by the general public. You can however share a link to the video to your family and friends which will allow them to view the video without having to log in.
  • Public : Searchable and viewable by the general public.
Normally people trust us with their password but if you feel uncomfortable you can create a new user for you YouTube account and then disable it after we finish the job. Here is a video we found explaining how to set up the new user (link).
It is really just $10/tape but at the end if you would like your videos on an external hard drive it's an extra fee.
It really depends on how many tapes you have and how long each tape is but we can finish most jobs in about a week.
Have a look for yourself. Our home movies were shot on everything from a VHS tape to a new HD camera. Feel free to check out the quality of any of them. (link)
There is no guarantee. We have never lost or damaged anyones videos but it is a risk you will have to take if you want us to do a job for you. The risk of us damaging or losing your videos is the same percentage if you kept them in your own home.
When we were doing the job for our Dad we would put a red dot on the tape to indicate that it was finished, so when we were trying to come up with a name we thought of ‘Little Red Dot’. Then we thought it was cool because a record button is also a red dot so it kinda makes perfect sense.

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